Found A Pigeon

So you found a Pigeon with a band or maybe he is so tame you know he is someone's pet. Maybe you have lost a pigeon. You want to find the pigeons owner. You want to feed the found pigeon. This page is to help you and the Pigeon. If the pigeon has a band it is probably a racing homing pigeon that lost his way while in a race.

If the Pigeon is wearing a band around his leg then he is a probably a homing pigeon. He has been injured or lost while racing or training for a race. Homing pigeons can find their way home from thousands of miles away, but mysterious and unusual things can happen to them and they do become lost. race birds arrive home the same day they are let out and most of the lost regain their bearings in a day or so and continue home.

What to do now?

Give the little guy some food and water. Water in a low container that the bird can look down into is best. A drinking cup like a coffee cup will make it hard for the bird to realize there is water in it. Something low enough that the bird could step into and realize there is water in it would be ideal. The bird wont eat bread. He will eat unpopped pop corn. The Fancier (a person who keeps pigeons) will feed their birds seeds and grains. You can purchase wild bird seed from Walmart, Lowes ,Home Depot, or your supermarket.

Most of the time you can give the bird some food, water, and a nights rest. Let him out in the morning and he should fly home. If he is hanging around and won't leave something has happend to him and he will probably never make it home on his own.

Cage. Put the bird in a cage that has air for him to breathe and security to keep the cat out. A card board box with a screen top will do fine.
If you can't find a home you may want to keep him and build the guy a more permanent home. Here are some ideas at the bottom of the page for how to build a coop. 

You can find the owner by the band number.. visit this page

Racing Pigeon home page for more info on these tiny athletes.

Just remember a few basics:
1) Clean water, feed, and mineral grit (available at most feed stores).
2) Pigeons must have dry surroundings, they're not ducks. They love a bath, but whatever you keep them in, it must normally be bone dry.
3) Enjoy one of the most fun animals alive.
4) Send for a free information packet from the American Racing Pigeon Union




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