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2016 GKM Band Race Series

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The Broward county racing pigeon club holds a band, futurity race every year. This is not a one loft race. Birds are raced from participating club member's lofts.

This Year the Band race will be a series of 3 races. A series will allow the truly great pigeons to shine. Prizes will be awarded to race winners and also to Champion pigeons that accumulate points for the 3 races.

The race is open to out of the area birds. If interested you can contact the club to purchase the bands. The bands are 25$ each or 5 for 100$. Each band purchased will receive an additional band at no charge. these additional Back up bands can be activated at the first race for 25$ each. The prize is split between the top birds. Contact the Club by email or phone to purchase bands. Out of area flyers can choose a loft to send their birds to, or birds will be randomly divided up among all participating lofts. Bands are available beginning January first of each year.

email: drjdvm214@aol.com
phone:     down load the flyer for a phone number.

100 miles Just for points
Top 3 @ 200 miles
Top 5 @ 300 Miles
Top 5 Champion Pigeons

Prize money will be split between the breeder and handler 50/50. Trophy and bragging rights go to the Breeder.

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